What Makes For A Quality Med Spa?

Med spas are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to improve appearance rises. Whether you want to have smoother skin or have certain gynecological treatments done, Dr. Vanderloos’ med spa in Shreveport, Louisiana, is the place to go.

Although many of these treatments are cosmetic, they are still medical procedures, so you want to choose a med spa that is dedicated to helping you improve both the health and appearance of your skin while meeting certain criteria. Here are five aspects you should look for to make sure the med spa you are considering is of high quality.

Has a Licensed Plastic Surgeon as a Supervisor

Med spas are typically supervised by surgeons, but many of the treatments are performed by other medical providers. Because many of the treatment options offered by med spas are cosmetic and often affect the appearance of your facial skin, you want to be confident that your treatment will happen under the care of a licensed plastic surgeon.

These highly-skilled physicians are trained in both invasive and non-invasive procedures so they can help you find the right treatment for your needs. While they may not perform your treatment themselves, you can be confident that they have chosen competent, reliable employees and are there to help if a problem arises.

Specializes in a Certain Treatment

There is a vast array of services offered by med spas. You may be tempted to visit a spa that offers multiple services so you can get all of the treatments you want in one place, but you will most likely get better results from a med spa that specializes in one or two services.

This means they have a deep, comprehensive understanding of the treatment they offer and are better prepared to use it in different ways to meet your individual needs. Popular med spa treatments include those listed below.

Uses High-Quality Skin Products

Another marker of a high-quality med spa is the skin products they use. A good spa will have a licensed esthetician on staff to make purchasing decisions, and the items the spa sells will be reputable and high quality. The skincare products chosen should be based on results and customer reviews rather than cost and should be healthy for your skin.

Performs Thorough Analysis Before and After Treatment

Every med spa performs a thorough analysis before offering treatment to ensure you have chosen the right solution and determine the best way to achieve the results you want. A quality med spa will also perform a comprehensive analysis after treatment to ensure it is working properly.

By comparing your chart before and after treatment, the medical provider working with you will be able to see what works and what does not. This allows them to reevaluate the treatment plan as needed.

Offers Affordable Treatment Options

Many med spa services require you to have multiple treatments to get the results you want. For services such as Botox, you may have to make periodic appointments to maintain your results, and because each treatment is costly, expenses quickly add up.

A quality med spa strives to relieve the financial burden of treatment by offering subscription or membership programs with discounted rates. This helps you get the services you need for a price you can afford while also drawing in business for the spa, making it a beneficial solution for everyone.

As the best med spa in Shreveport, LA, Dr. Vanderloos meets all of these criteria. You can trust our licensed medical providers to provide you with top-quality treatment. Visit us today to find a quality med spa in Shreveport, LA, or call us to schedule an appointment.

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