What is Pellet Therapy

Hormonal imbalance can cause many problems in women. Hormone replacement therapy is a wonderful treatment for many women to restore their quality of life and help them overcome many challenges associated with hormonal imbalances. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the process of creating customized pellets and injecting them into women who are struggling with various hormonal imbalances. These pellets are designed to mimic natural hormones, so they often reduce the severity of symptoms and help women live happy, productive lives.

How Does Pellet Therapy Work?

Hormone pellets are created in labs. Although the hormones are synthetic, they are biologically identical to those produced naturally and are carefully monitored to ensure they are of the highest quality. The pellets are placed in a patient’s upper buttock in a simple outpatient procedure, and most women are cleared to resume their normal lifestyles within a week. These pellets are a permanent solution for hormone therapy and continuously release the hormones the body no longer produces naturally.

Pellet therapy is a revolutionary treatment for hormonal imbalances. Although every woman is different, and doctors who perform BHRT approach every case individually, many women find relief from various symptoms through this treatment. Each treatment is customized to meet the needs of individual patients, but you can expect your medical provider to perform the following five steps to complete the process.

1. Diagnose hormonal imbalance:

Before you can successfully replace hormones your body doesn’t produce naturally, you need to understand which ones are deficient. Dr. Catherine Vanderloos will analyze your body’s hormone production through testing and asking about your symptoms.

2. Develop a treatment plan:

Once we understand which hormones your body lacks, we can prescribe one to be made in pellet form. Each pellet is customized to meet the individual needs of the patient for optimal treatment.

3. Create the pellet:

A lab will design the pellet with carefully constructed synthetic hormones. Because the hormones are created in a lab setting, they are monitored continuously to ensure they adhere to strict safety standards. This lengthy process ensures the pellets are structurally identical to natural hormones released by the body.

4. Place the pellet:

Dr. Vanderloos will insert the pellets into the patient’s body. The most common area to place the pellets is in the upper buttocks, as this allows for the best distribution of the replacement hormone.

5. Monitor recovery:

Patients who receive pellet therapy should limit their normal activities for a week. Once the recovery time has passed, patients should see an increase in their mood and decreased symptoms. The pellets continue to release small doses over 3-6 months, so replacement is dictated on how your body absorbs and uses the hormones.

What are the Benefits of Pellet Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, is a natural way to restore hormonal imbalances. Because the hormones in each pellet are customized, each patient receives pellets that are designed specifically to remedy the imbalances they struggle with. Each hormone in the pellets is structurally the same as natural hormones, so you do not have to worry about injecting foreign substances into your body.

Who is a Candidate for Pellet Therapy?

As women age, they often stop producing certain hormones. Others are born with a natural hormone deficiency that causes them to develop various health problems. Regardless of whether your hormonal imbalance is due to age or genetics, BHRT has been proven to lessen the symptoms of many health conditions. Many patients have reported peace of mind once their hormone balance is restored because a proper hormone balance promotes a happier mood and a better quality of life. This therapy is ideal for women who are dealing with the following conditions.

  • Menopause
  • Low sex drive
  • Anxiety
  • Abnormal heart conditions
  • Severe PMS
  • Decreased bone density
  • Low mood

Where Can You Get Pellet Therapy?

A hormonal imbalance can cause many frustrating symptoms that decrease your quality of life. Many medical practitioners can prescribe and administer pellet therapy, and this easy and effective treatment has been proven to help women all over the country live a happier life. While many practitioners offer this treatment, your best bet is to use a licensed and experienced practitioner, such as Dr. Catherine Vanderloos.

Contact Dr. Catherine Vanderloos

BHRT is a great option that provides you with a permanent solution for hormonal imbalances with minimal downtime. For people who live in Shreveport, Louisiana, Dr. Catherine Vanderloos can help restore hormonal balance through hormone replacement therapy. Her customized approach to this natural treatment can restore your quality of life and lessen the symptoms of many health conditions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vanderloos and see how she can help you rebalance your hormones. You can also reach us by phone at (318) 865-4333.

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