What Is MonaLisa Touch?

Ten years since its initial release in 2008, the MonaLisa Touch treatment has been helping women who experience vaginal discomfort to achieve life-changing relief. Thousands have undergone this non-invasive procedure and have reported significant improvement with very few side effects. However, those who benefit the most from the method have experienced the following preconditions:

  • Menopause
  • Hysterectomy
  • Childbirth
  • Cancer treatments

If someone has recommended MonaLisa Touch as an option to you, you may be unsure of what to expect. Take the time to educate yourself on this groundbreaking development in women?s health and see how this procedure can truly make a difference in your body.

What Symptoms Does MonaLisa Touch Target?

A decrease in estrogen in the body often leads to vaginal discomfort. These sensitive problems are sometimes difficult for women to discuss, and many lack the support to seek the help they need.

Women undergoing menopause are at an exceptionally high risk of experiencing vaginal atrophy, or dryness. The condition may be exacerbated by pelvic aches, excessive discharge, and painful burning or itching. These circumstances cause many women to abstain from sexual intercourse ? a decision that often affects their relationships with partners and decreases their overall quality of life.

An estimated figure suggests that more than 50 percent of post-menopausal women suffer from these symptoms; though anyone who is receiving significantly less estrogen than normal may see an emergence of this discomfort. The MonaLisa Touch procedure is designed to alleviate problems associated with atrophy in a gentle manner that may encourage more women to get help. The goal is to give them back the physical and psychological contentment that makes life beautiful.

What’s Involved in the Procedure?

When undergoing the MonaLisa Touch medspa treatment, patients are instructed to sit back on an examination table with feet positioned in stirrups, much as they would for a traditional pelvic exam. Because the procedure is non-invasive and virtually painless, all that?s required for your comfort is a numbing cream applied to the inner labial/outer vaginal area about 20 minutes before. A narrow laser is then inserted into the vagina and pulses are applied to all areas of the vaginal wall. The flexibility of the tool allows for maximum access without causing the patient any added discomfort. Within minutes, the laser is extracted, and the procedure is complete.

Three visits are recommended to achieve the maximum results, with a duration of six weeks between each appointment. After the first round of treatments, it is best to return once a year for an annual procedure. This helps the patient?s vagina maintain its strength and vitality long term.

The gentle process and positive outcome make the MonaLisa Touch treatment an ideal option for women who need it the most. The simplicity of the procedure should encourage women to stop suffering in silence.

Why Does It Work?

The primary tool behind this innovative procedure is a CO2 laser. By stimulating tissue in the vagina, the laser?s energy is able to maximize the body?s natural healing instincts. Under the influence of this treatment, the patient is able to generate higher levels of collagen and increase blood flow. The combination of these two factors strengthens the health of vaginal cells.

One reason that MonaLisa Touch is so adept at relieving atrophy is its ability to promote greater lubrication and elasticity. Dryness is the main culprit for many of the symptoms a woman experiences, so an improvement in moisture content within the vaginal walls typically creates a beneficial outcome.

Ultimately, the laser is shown to be effective because it targets the specific causes of discomfort that have resulted from reduced estrogen levels. Many women can attest to its success and report long-term wellness when they keep up with treatments.

What Should Be Expected Afterwards?

The patient should notice a positive difference as early as one week following her first MonaLisa Touch treatment. Exact post-treatment expectations can vary case by case, but women generally report almost no negative side effects. Though some patients may experience fatigue, there shouldn?t be anything preventing most women from resuming a normal routine relatively quickly. However, it is recommended to refrain from sexual activity for at least a few days.

By the time a few months have passed since the start of treatment, the majority of women have reported an extreme improvement in their previous discomfort, including a decrease in symptoms relating to vaginal atrophy, such as itching, burning, excessive urination, and pain during intercourse. This remarkable turnaround opens the door to a more pleasurable and exciting lifestyle with minimum disruption to daily activities.

The effects of treatment can last from 10 months up to a year. Yearly maintenance visits can help to extend that period of relief indefinitely.

Why Is MonaLisa Touch Better Than the Alternatives?

The symptoms that the MonaLisa Touch laser is intended to target are a result of insufficient estrogen levels. The primary alternative treatment involves drug therapy to bring those levels back up to a more ideal range. Unfortunately, estrogen therapy comes with many restrictions, side effects, and possible risks.

Estrogen comes in various forms, including oral, topical and vaginal. No matter the delivery system, experts are still unsure of the long-term effects of hormonal replacement therapy. In the short-term, patients may experience nausea, headaches or pain and swelling in their breasts. Risk factors for estrogen therapy include the following:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Breast cancer
  • Blood clots

Because of these potential conditions, those who already suffer from these problems are discouraged from taking estrogen. The period of time patients can undergo this therapy also makes it impractical for sustained symptom management. These limitations make laser treatments a more viable option for many women. The lack of immediate side effects is also preferable to some of the discomfort that estrogen therapy is often associated with.

How Can Dr. Vanderloos Make a Difference?

When you schedule an appointment with our practice, you?re committing to a level of care and compassion that can help ease your mind. Our staff is friendly and welcoming, and your comfort is our biggest concern.

The North American Menopause Society has certified Dr. Catherine Vanderloos and she serves as a professional pioneer of women?s health and wellness with almost 30 years of gynecological experience. Healthcare is subjective; the right solution for one person may be inappropriate for another. Dr. Vanderloos is dedicated to finding the most effective treatment for her patients through careful listening and thorough examination.

A passion for helping women suffering through menopause has made Dr. Vanderloos a proponent of technological and medical advancements that are designed to make treatments more effective and less invasive. Patients have faith in her expertise of the MonaLisa Touch procedure with the reassurance that their care is in the best hands.

Schedule an appointment for your MonaLisa Touch spa treatment as soon as you?re ready. Our team is enthusiastic in helping you reach the relief level you need to live life to the fullest. Let us know how we can make your experience more comfortable and reach out with any questions you may still have concerning the procedure. We?re here to help!