What is Mara Ablation?

The Mara system is an innovative approach in the field of women’s healthcare that utilizes a unique energy source: water vapor.

Mara endometrial ablation, or mara ablation, as it’s referred to sometimes, is the revolutionary system that aims to treat a broader range of women with varying uterine anatomies by filling the uterine cavity with naturally expansive water vapor. Unlike traditional techniques, mara endometrial ablation provides a gentler and more versatile treatment option.

The office of Dr. Vanderloos is here to cover in detail how mara ablation works, who would be a good candidate, and where you can get the mara endometrial ablation procedure performed in Shreveport, LA. 

How Does Mara Ablation Work

Through its utilization of water vapor as an energy source, mara represents an innovative advancement in treating various uterine conditions, offering hope and improved outcomes for countless women worldwide.

One of the critical advantages of mara ablation is that it does not require general anesthesia. 

This means that women can undergo the procedure without being put to sleep, which reduces the associated risks and recovery time. 

Without the need for general anesthesia, this makes mara a more accessible option for a broader range of patients who may have contraindications or concerns about undergoing surgery under general anesthesia.

Am I A Good Candidate for Mara Ablation

There are various causes for excessive menstrual bleeding. Before Dr. Vanderloos recommends mara endometrial ablation as your treatment, she will take your medical history into consideration and go over any questions you might have about the procedure.

This treatment process may be proper for you if:

  • You have abnormally long-lasting or heavy periods
  • You are done having children or plan not to have after the procedure
  • You are at the premenopausal stage
  • Your bleeding is due to benign causes

You may not be eligible for mara ablation if you have the following:

  • Recent pregnancy
  • Cervical or vaginal infection
  • Past uterine surgery for fibroids
  • Weak uterine muscle walls
  • Have undergone a vertical or classic C-section incision
  • Abnormally shaped or structured uterus

Additionally, women with certain types of myomas up to 4 cm in size can benefit from the use of mara. This inclusivity allows more women to access appropriate care regardless of their specific medical condition or anatomical variation.

Mara Endometrial Ablation in Shreveport, LA

The mara endometrial ablation offers not only relief from discomfort but has been shown to have a few added benefits as well:

Reduction in menstrual bleeding: Mara endometrial ablation significantly reduces or eliminates excessive menstrual bleeding, providing relief and improving quality of life.

Decreased pain and cramping: Many patients experience a decrease in pain and cramping associated with their menstrual cycles after undergoing endometrial ablation.

Improved sexual life: Studies have shown that a significant number of women report improvement in their sexual life after undergoing endometrial ablation.

Quick recovery time: Because of the advances in technology, many patients are able to return to work and normal activities within a few days after the procedure.

Non-surgical and non-invasive: Endometrial ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require major surgery, reducing the risks associated with more invasive treatments.

One key advantage of mara endometrial ablation, aka mara ablation, is its ability to accommodate women with different uterine cavity lengths. 

The system can effectively treat those with cavities longer than the standard 10 cm, expanding the possibilities for effective treatment beyond what was previously possible.

If you’re in Shreveport, LA, you can enjoy the benefits of a mara endometrial ablation with the help of Dr. Catherine Vanderloos.

She boasts over 30 years of experience and dedication to using the latest technology to provide her patients with only quality OBGYN and Medspa services.

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