Feminine Rejuvenation in Shreveport, LA

Pregnancy, weight gain and aging all contribute to many changes in the female body. As much as we resist, sometimes things are beyond our control. If you have been suffering from discomfort in feeling or appearance of the vaginal region, bladder incontinence or other issues, you may benefit greatly from vaginal restoration procedures. Here is some information about vaginal restoration surgery and other measures that Dr. Catherine Vanderloos can use to help you restore some of your youth.

What Is Feminine Restoration?

Feminine restoration is a general term that encompasses one of a number of medical techniques whose goal is improving health to the vagina. This can be accomplished through surgery, treatment or non-invasive procedures. By restoring the function and tone of your vagina, your doctor can help end your suffering and discomfort, and even improve its visual appearance.

Every woman is different, so there is no right answer as to which procedure would work better for you. A consultation with your doctor can reveal what would be your best option for revitalization. In some cases, surgical vaginal restoration is appropriate. In contrast, many other women can find great success with a laser procedure such as the MonaLisa Touch?, which improves vaginal tissues and makes sexual intercourse more comfortable.

Who Benefits From Feminine Restoration?

Over the years, you may have noticed a difference in your vaginal region from your younger or pre-pregnancy days. You should know that this is a very common problem among females. Medical developments and technology have sought to address these conditions, and today, women with a wide range of issues can benefit from vaginal restoration.

Some women are unhappy about changes that are more of a cosmetic nature, such as large or irregularly-sized labia. Other women are dealing with functional troubles, such as decreased sensation when you are intimate or a problem with bladder incontinence. Both kinds can often be attributed to:

  • Hormonal changes as you age
  • The natural aging process
  • Menopause and perimenopause
  • Childbearing, especially if you have had one or more vaginal deliveries

What Should I Expect From Feminine Restoration?

Different treatments can offer relief in many ways, from tightening loose skin or tissue so clothing can fit and feel better, to relieving vaginal dryness for better sexual sensation. Vaginal restoration surgery or other procedures can also help greatly if you have been suffering from bladder incontinence.

Recovery depends upon what type of procedure you have had. Surgery generally comes with a longer recuperation period, whereas non-invasive procedures may provide an immediate improvement with no downtime whatsoever. In order to maximize results, sometimes multiple treatments may be necessary. The number can vary from individual to individual.

If you are interested in a vaginal restoration procedure, the first step is to make an appointment with Dr. Vanderloos to discuss the issues you have been facing with her. Keep in mind that with over 25 years of experience, she has the breadth of knowledge necessary to advise you as to what treatment possibilities are optimal for your particular condition. This expertise acquired throughout the years by Dr. Vanderloos forms an unbeatable foundation so you can receive the finest care in vaginal restoration.

Contact Dr. Vanderloos for More Information

When you are looking for the best doctor for sensitive medical procedures, Dr. Catherine Vanderloos, M.D., is the person you have been seeking. If you are embarrassed about any medical condition, you should know that she is here to help resolve it for you with compassion and respect.

You do not need to live with bladder incontinence or other unwanted problems any longer. Contact Dr. Vanderloos and her excellent Shreveport staff today to set up a consultation about vaginal restoration surgery or other vaginal restoration procedures.

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