How to Manage Hair Loss and Thinning

One-third of women in the U.S. struggle with hair loss and thinning at some point in life. To add on, two-thirds of women in their postmenstrual stage grapple with bald spots and hair thinning.

While hair loss may not be a big deal in men, it significantly affects women’s self-esteem. However, KeraLase hair loss treatment and other remedies make this problem manageable. Continue reading to learn more about the management of hair loss and thinning with KeraLase.

What is Hair Loss and Thinning? 

It is normal to lose up to 100 hair strands per day. As some hairs fall, others replace them. Hair loss (alopecia) comes in when you shed over 100 hairs every day, and others aren’t growing. 

Unlike hair loss, thinning of hair may not cause baldness. However, it can make your hair seem sparse.  Hair loss and thinning mostly emanates from:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Heredity
  • Birth control pills
  • Aging
  • Thyroid issues
  • Extremely stressful events
  • Radiation therapy
  • Certain medications 

Although there are many causes of hair loss, these are the most common.

Managing Hair Loss

When people deal with hair loss, they try to conceal it with conservative hairstyles. Others invest in products with hair loss prevention claims. 

People may also turn to various supplements and vitamins popular for hair growth. These remedies do not always deliver the intended results. 

If your hair loss is disconcerting, you can make an appointment with a specialist in Shreveport, LA, to get to the bottom of the matter faster and take the right course of action. 

There are various ways to manage hair loss and thinning. Hair that is already falling out or thinning is fragile. Dermatologists recommend washing it gently to prevent further damage. 

You should also limit the use of hot combs and flat irons. The heat emanating from these devices can worsen your hair loss. 

Another great way to manage hair loss and thinning is to avoid the blow-dryer, given that drying it naturally will preserve it. In addition, refrain from tight ponytails, braids, pigtails, and cornrows. 

Hair chemicals can be detrimental to your hair as they can only worsen hair already falling out. They tend to damage hair follicles irreversibly.

Other tips for managing hair loss and thinning include:

  • Washing it with a gentle shampoo
  • Using a good moisturizing conditioner after shampooing
  • Wrapping your hair with a microfiber towel to make it dry faster
  • Avoiding hot-oil treatments

If you eat a low protein diet, you could suffer hair loss and thinning. Studies about the correlation between hair loss and protein are still ongoing. Nonetheless, a protein-rich diet can help manage hair loss.

Managing Hair Loss and Thinning with KeraLase Treatment

If you reside in Shreveport, LA, or the surrounding area, you can benefit from KeraLase hair loss treatment at Dr. Vanderloos’s clinic. 

KeraLase is a modern hair loss and thinning treatment that’s quite effective. It creates a favorable environment to stimulate hair growth and promote scalp health. Patients give lots of positive KeraLase hair reviews.

Instead of microneedle rollers, the KeraLase treatment uses a Lutronic LaseMD laser. It creates channels that deliver skin proteins and other growth factors to resting hairs, spurring their growth.

How Can You Tell if KeraLase will Work for You? 

If you read KeraLase treatment reviews, you will encounter many people who have benefited from it. Additionally, KeraLase reviews give before and after comparisons that encourage affected people. The treatment works well for women whose hair loss and thinning is a result of:

  • Physiological factors
  • Hormonal reasons
  • Environmental factors

Dermatologists use it to prepare you for hair transplants and other treatments, and individuals are impressed with the KeraLase before and after results. 

Benefits of Managing Hair Loss and Thinning with KeraLase

Some of the benefits of KeraLase include revitalizing your scalp. With a healthy scalp, hair grows with the utmost ease. After several KeraLase treatment sessions, you begin noticing a positive change in your hair growth patterns. 

Shreveport residents can access this treatment once every two weeks. While some patients see the treatment results in a few days, others can wait up to three months.

Dermatologists discourage using any styling products before a KeraLase hair loss treatment session. Your hair responds better to the KeraLase treatment when it is clean and dry. Have you been having a hard time managing your hair loss? Dr. Vanderloos has years of extensive experience in hair loss and thinning management. Contact our clinic in Shreveport today, and we will help you.

Image Source: kei907 / Shutterstock