Thinking About Powder Brows? 5 Reasons You Should

One of the best ways for your face to look finished is to have well-groomed, filled-in brows. Powder brows are a great, practical alternative to your everyday cosmetics routine because they provide a fuller, more beautiful and more natural approach.

If you want to know the top reasons to get powder brows and are unsure where to turn, you should know that Dr. Catherine Vanderloos in Shreveport LA has the experience and artistry to create this look that is sure to please. Here are five reasons to get powder brows.

Powder Brows Define Your Face

When you want to present as having the whole package, you spend a lot of time making sure that your clothing, hair, and makeup give you a thoughtful, well-groomed appearance. Since you spend a lot of effort selecting the right clothing, you need to consider whether you are giving the same kind of treatment to your hairstyle and application of your cosmetics.

Once you are sure that you have given equivalent care to all three, this helps you both feel and project confidence, which is a valuable trait to have in all different kinds of situations.

One of the most important features you should focus on is your eyebrows. When your eyebrows received the proper attention, they can help to:

  • Give you a younger-looking appearance
  • Balance the natural shape of your face
  • Present a put-together look
  • Accentuate your favorite features
  • Frame your face and highlight your eyes

Of course, it is crucial that your eyebrows are done properly. You do not want to do anything that would draw negative attention to this important feature, because this might spoil the appearance that you have worked so hard to create. However, your best eyebrows can set the stage and give your face some structure.

Powder Brows Give a Natural Look

Have you ever looked at someone and cringed when you saw their eyebrows? This was probably because they were presented as unnatural or forced. When some people fill in their brows, they make errors that can have a catastrophic effect. Sometimes, they do so with a color that does not blend in well with the natural color of their brow hairs. Or, they fill them in so thickly that their brows look abnormally harsh.

If you go to your favorite cosmetics store and spend a lot of time agonizing over what is the best color for your brows, you are a great candidate for this procedure. One huge reason to get powder brows as cited by women is the fact that it takes the guesswork out of what color they should be matching their brow makeup since often the color of eyebrows differs from the hair on the top of your head. Powder brows are thoughtfully crafted to coordinate with your natural hair color, and they work well even if you have blonde or very pale brows.

Another one of the many great reasons to get powder brows is that it saves you from constantly having to purchase brow makeup. Once you have powdered eyebrows, they last for a long time, so you no longer need to buy brow gels, pencils or powder, or whatever new great product comes along. If you use these on a daily basis, over the course of several years, the cost of these purchases really adds up.

Powder Brows Save Precious Time

Most women have days that are packed from early morning until late in the night. Between running carpool, attending meetings at work, and still finding time to get all of your household chores completed – with some occasional socializing here and there – it is hard to find any extra time in your day. If you are someone who feels you cannot leave your home without your ‘face’ on, you look to find ways to minimize your daily makeup routine. The best way to do that is to decrease the amount of time that it takes to put your cosmetics each day.

Therefore, one of the best reasons to get powder brows is the sheer fact that it is a time-saving measure. This can shave several minutes off each makeup application that you do.

Rather than spending time filling in one eyebrow, stepping back to look at it in the mirror, filling in the second brow and checking to see if they match – and then doing some additional back-and-forth until you are done – you can wake up each morning knowing that this is one less step you need to take each day.

That time can be much better spent enjoying a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, or having a little conversation with your family members before you go off to take on the day.

Powder Brows Help Retain Your Youth

It is a natural fact that as people age, their hair begins to thin. This is true not only for the top of your head, but for your eyebrows and eyelashes as well. The full, sometimes even thick brow of your past gets replaced by a thinning version of its old self. This can give an aging appearance to your face, something that you no doubt wish to avoid.

By filling in your brows, you can replicate that more saturated version of your youth. And in addition to your eyebrows becoming sparse in general as your age, through the years, they get much thinner at their outer corners. When the right professional like Dr. Vanderloos fills in your brows using the powder brow method, this problem can be rectified. As a result, you feel much better knowing that you have reverted to the appearance of the brows that you loved when you were young.

Powder Brows Last a Long Time

Are you tired of applying makeup first thing in the morning, only to look in a mirror midday and see smudged eyes and a bare face? Naturally, makeup does not last past a certain period each day. This is especially true when your skin tends to be on the oily side. Sometimes, you try to compensate for this by adding extra makeup, but then come across as if you are overly done-up.

However, when you get powder brows, you can enjoy a consistent look from morning until night. There is no more time spent touching up your brows later in the day, even as you need to apply more mascara and a little extra lipstick. Many women cannot believe they waited so long to have this time-saving procedure.

And, in terms of the system itself, it generally lasts between 2 – 3 years. This means that once you have the initial application and follow-up several weeks later, you do not need to do anything to maintain this look for a very long time. You may wish to have a touch-up a couple of years after the process, but that is based upon personal preference. Powder brows last longer than the microblading technique and the process is much more comfortable too.

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If you have been unhappy with the condition of your eyebrows, you can change them to get the look you desire. Now that you know the top reasons to get powder brows, there is no reason to delay. Contact Dr. Vanderloos today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Her compassionate, intelligent demeanor has helped get many women on the path to making over their physical appearance and restoring their confidence.

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