Reusable Vaginal Ring for Women

What is Annovera?

A Note from Dr. Vanderloos

I am constantly pleased to read of new methods of contraception, giving women more control over their bodies. Just approved by the FDA this week, is Annovera, a reusable vaginal ring which will likely hit pharmacy shelves in 2019 or 2020. It is the first vaginal ring that can be used for an entire year. It?s then removed, washed, and stored for one week in a small case. (Women can do this themselves; they don’t need a doctor’s visit to do so.) During this time, a woman may experience a withdrawal bleed, or, in other words, get her period. The ring is reinserted after that week, and this schedule is repeated every four weeks for a full year. No daily pill and no run to the pharmacy – hooray!

I encourage my patients to consider the longer-acting methods such as IUDs-intrauterine devices-contain progestin or copper depending on the type- as these can last for 3-5 or 10 years, always can be removed earlier if your life changes and you are ready for that baby. Another option is the implants that last for three years and then require removal and replacement.

All of these methods save us from the missed-pill or late-start failure. Having sex has its responsibilities to ourselves, our partners and our families.

I hope this information starts conversations. If you have questions, check with your healthcare professional or visit our MedSpa in Shreveport, Louisiana. You are always welcome to my practice where my number one goal is to improve your health and your confidence! Explore my gynecology and medical spa services online, or call me directly.