Reasons Fat Reduction Surgery May Be Better Than Diet Exercise

Are you running every day, but cannot get rid of that pouch at your belly? Or, have you started to embark on spring break prep because you are not happy with the way you feel and look in a bathing suit? If you have tried time and again to start an exercise routine, or have jumped from diet to diet without seeing the results you want, it may be time to consider fat reduction surgery to assist with your weight loss goals.

Learn Your Options

As a gynecologist, Dr. Catherine Vanderloos learned through experience the many issues facing her numerous female clientele. One recurring problem was their frustration with the inability to achieve the weight loss results they want through diets or working out, especially with particular ?problem? areas in the body that tend to store fat.

Since she is constantly investigating various treatments and new technology, Dr. Vanderloos sought alternative ways for her patients to reach their body goals. She determined that for many, fat reduction surgery treatments such as SculpSure may be better than diet or exercise. By targeting specific spots where fat cells tend to congregate, the SculpSure laser is a noninvasive way to treat areas that in the past were treated by going under the knife.

Reduce Your Medical Complications

If you have excess weight on your frame, it may be causing medical issues, including:

  • Aches and pains
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Mobility problems

This is especially true when you are not only overweight, but obese. For your overall health, you know that it is important to achieve enough weight loss to get your body to a healthy body mass index (BMI). Since this allows you to live your best life possible, you need to figure out how to best achieve this goal. Eliminating your fat cells through fat reduction surgery is one good way to get yourself on the road to better health.

Get a Great New Starting Point

Often, people start a trendy diet plan or devise another exercise program in hopes of weight loss. However, they become discouraged when they do not get the results they desire quickly enough.

Then, it is easy to slip back into old habits that do not help further their goals. For certain people, getting fat reduction surgery provides the jump-start that they need for inspiration. Seeing quick results then gives them the necessary motivation to make additional changes in their lives.

Other people are already doing all that they can in search of their goal body. By eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular fitness, not smoking and drinking only moderately, you have taken control of the best of your ability. However, while you may be in excellent shape health-wise, you might be unhappy with what you see in a mirror.

You may be discouraged if you still have too much fat in certain areas of your body, such as your abdomen, legs or under the chin. When you use a fat reduction surgery technique such as SculpSure, you are able to pinpoint those areas that have resisted despite your best efforts.

Why Choose Us

Whether you are kicking off spring break prep or you are committing to a new healthier version of your old self, if you are contemplating fat reduction surgery, be sure to put yourself in the hands of the best. Dr. Catherine Vanderloos has the experience, compassion, education, and knowledge that you are seeking to help you achieve the results you desire.

Contact Dr. Vanderloos today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. She is here to listen to your goals and offer information about various options. And remember that in addition to treatments like SculpSure, our medspa also provides a wide range of services, from gynecological examinations to Botox and injectables to wellness and weight management programs.

Image Credit: Shutterstock By Hanna_Pavliuk