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Millions of Americans struggle with hair loss. This can be especially frustrating for young people who want to maintain thick, luscious locks. Because this is such a common problem, there are several hair loss treatments to help minimize the issue. One of the newest ways to fight hair loss is by using the KeraLase treatment to stimulate the growth of new hair.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Many people expect to struggle with hair loss as they get older. They may also expect it when they undergo treatments for medical problems or are put on certain medications. However, hair loss is a complicated issue, and many people who struggle with it are young and take no treatment or medication that causes it. Identifying the root cause of hair loss is important for determining how to resolve the problem. In many cases, the hair loss will stop once the disease or medication that causes it is diagnosed and stopped. Before you know if KeraLase is the right hair loss solution for you, you need to understand why you are losing it. Some common reasons for hair loss include:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Chemotherapy
  • Illnesses
  • Burns
  • Genetics
  • Medications

What Is KeraLase?

One in five Americans deal with unwanted hair loss, and up to 20% of those affected are under the age of 30. The problem occurs in both men and women. KeraLase is a procedure that uses a pre-conditioning treatment to open hair follicles and a serum filled with skin proteins and growth factors to promote hair growth.

KeraLase is a brand new procedure that uses the non-ablative micro-channels created by the LaseMD and Ultra systems to replace the need for micro-needle rollers or devices.

These micro-channels created with the 1927 nm wavelength have been shown to create five times higher absorption of nano-liposomes* increasing the delivery of the nano liposomes found in the KeraFactor Serum.

Who Is a Candidate for KeraLase?

The treatment works well for both men and women with thinning hair. Because the treatment stimulates the natural growth of hair, it works well on any type of locks. KeraLase works to rejuvenate thinning hair, restore a youthful hairline, and boost volume, but people need to have hair follicles for the treatment to work. It may require eight to 10 treatments to see the desired results, and patients will need maintenance procedures done every three months to maintain thick, voluminous hair.

How Does KeraLase Work?

KeraLase involves two steps. The first step is to use the LaserMD to open hair follicles, so the serum has room to seep inside. This step usually takes less than five minutes. Because skin is naturally designed to keep unwanted toxins out, this step is necessary to soften the barrier in preparation for the serum.

The second step is to apply a special serum to the scalp. The serum is formulated with five important growth factors and two skin proteins. It seeps into hair follicles and stimulates growth, so your scalp naturally produces more hair to give you thicker, more voluminous locks. The serum is designed to correct the problems that lead to thinning hair and an unhealthy scalp, but you may need several treatments before seeing real results.

What Are the Benefits of KeraLase?

KeraLase is a hair loss solution that encourages the growth of natural hair rather than transplanting unnatural locks to give your tresses a fuller appearance. This allows for a natural appearance. Patients often start seeing initial results within two weeks of treatments, and the problem usually continues to improve over the next four to six weeks. It can effectively cover bald patches and boost volume. It is also suitable for men and women who struggle with receding hairlines. Regular KeraLase treatments can restore a more youthful hairline.

What Can I Do To Improve the Bald Spots? (Women)

There are many hair loss treatments available to help women regrow hair in bald spots. KeraLase is the only treatment on the market that uses a proprietary blend of growth factors and skin proteins to promote natural growth. Keeping up with routine KeraLase procedures can help women keep their locks healthy and thick, but using the following natural methods may boost hair production.

  • Avoid brushing wet hair
  • Get plenty of Vitamin D
  • Use shampoo infused with licorice
  • Eat a healthy diet filled with foods that strengthen hair
  • Apply oil and green tea to your hair

Thinning On Top? (Men and Women)

Thin, limp hair can diminish your confidence in your physical appearance. Hair usually starts to thin on top first, which is why many people have premature bald spots they want to cover. Using hair extensions or transplants may help, but the natural growth produced by KeraLase is often preferred because of its appearance. Patients who receive KeraLase grow out their natural hair to cover bald spots and thicken locks. With the right care and repeat treatments for maintenance, people can have the thick, luxurious locks of their dreams within the first few months after the first treatment. 

KeraLase is a revolutionary new treatment that helps with hair loss. If you are looking for hair loss treatments for men/women, KeraLase could be the ideal treatment option to restore your locks. For people in and around Shreveport, Louisiana, Dr. Catherine Vanderloos can administer KeraLase treatments to give you the locks of your dreams. Our practice is located on Ashley Ridge Boulevard, making us an easy and convenient stop for anyone in the Shreveport area. If you are ready to try one of the newest hair loss solutions, contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Vanderloos.


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