How to Reduce Laser Hair Removal Pain

Many Shreveport patients ask us, “does laser hair removal hurt?” With our clinic’s highly renowned consideration and attentiveness, we perform laser hair removal procedures with a priority on ensuring they are as minimally painful as possible. Regardless of the great pains, patients sometimes experience a typically small level of temporary discomfort during the process. We want to provide as much kindness and care as possible before, during, and after our procedures, so we are here with empowering tips to help you bring any laser hair removal discomfort to a bare minimum.

With three decades of experience, Dr. Vanderloos has helped many Shreveport patients achieve lasting results from minimally invasive laser hair removal while assisting them in minimizing pain and discomfort as much as possible. Read on to empower yourself with pain-reduction techniques specifically suited to women undergoing laser hair removal treatments.

A Question of Subjectivity

When we hear our patients ask if laser hair removal is painful, we tell them that one’s discomfort may be another’s pain. It’s simply impossible to tell someone with a special and unique individuality of their own what truly is or isn’t painful – and let alone how much. Before the power of the mind has a chance to get carried away with fearful anticipation, we also like to remind patients that whatever level of hair removal discomfort you might experience, we can assure you it is very temporary.

Without prematurely deciding that there will be pain at all (for some, there is hardly any), the question we like to ask is, “What does laser hair removal feel like?” The majority of our hair removal patients consider the sensation to be like a slight “stinging” or “pinching” of the skin that dissipates as quickly as it is sensed. Others describe it as akin to being “flicked” by a rubber band. All in all, many state that they do not feel a lot of pain during the treatment, and the after-effects have been commonly described as a very slight sunburn which almost always fades away quickly (within a day or two).

Of course, we place your comfort above all other concerns. We always encourage our patients receiving laser hair removal to tell us if they need a break – especially if we treat many hairs in a small area or a more sensitive region. It is always under your full control.

Oriented to Comfort – Technology and Technique

Our refined methods and skilled use of the most exceptional laser technology use creative ways to minimize uncomfortable sensations. Because the procedure works by finely burning the hair follicles, our Lutronic laser utilizes a chilled tip. This balances out the laser’s heat and ensures that the outer layer of skin is at an even, comfortable temperature.

“What Can I Do To Further Minimize Any Discomfort?”

One highly effective way our patients can very effectively minimize laser hair removal pain is to schedule treatments away from their menstrual cycle (as well as avoid caffeine). Pain receptors are more sensitive during this time (and caffeine can make menstrual pain worse). The optimal window of time is right after your period.

Another preventative measure is to wear loose-fitting clothing the day of the appointment and until all potential redness disappears. Staying hydrated will also help keep the skin cells moist as they adjust to the slight “sunburn” feeling. For the same reason, it is good to prepare for the possibility of itching, and we recommend topical aloe or colloidal oatmeal products (with limited or no unnatural ingredients) to soothe and nourish the skin.

For as close to 100% comfort as possible, this would be a reasonable time to take pain-relief medicines that have traditionally worked for you. Lastly, if you’ve been advised to shave the area before treatment, be sure to do so with only the most comfortable and smooth razor and shaving lotion so that the Lutronic laser has minimal resistance.

Allowing the Sensations To “Breathe” Themselves Away

Dr. Vanderloos, a proud mother of three daughters (with three granddaughters!), can remember countless times when her lively young ladies experienced some pain… and simply paused, unsure what to do. Amazingly, simply allowing the sensation to arise and dissipate on its own can be the difference between an easy or a prolonged and difficult experience. It’s all in how we frame it that potentially changes pain into something more manageable.

Maybe you’ve seen similar moments when your young ones look up after some painful event as though to ask you whether or not there is a problem before making their minds up that there is. As any woman who has given childbirth knows, it’s the “fairer” sex who endures the lion’s share of innate, biological pain. We are certain that there is a remarkable core of “mind over matter” at the heart of every woman.

Above all, we encourage our brave ladies to simply relax, and ~ b r e a t h e ~ throughout the process… no matter what other methods are chosen.

Laser Hair Removal at Dr. Vanderloos

Laser hair removal is one of the most thorough methods for removing unwanted and unsightly hair. At the same time, laser procedures involve tolerating some discomfort or pain, which varies as widely as we are all unique. Our highly attentive staff finds fulfillment in helping the women of Shreveport communities feel more like themselves in our award-winning clinic. For those seeking the most gentle and thoughtful gynecological or beautification services in or near Shreveport, Louisiana, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Image Source: AXL / Shutterstock