How Pelleve Can Tighten, Firm, and Make You Look Younger

When many people think about wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and age reversal, they often imagine expensive and invasive surgeries or painful treatments that leave skin irritated for days on end with short-lived results. However, with the innovative Pelleve laser treatments at Dr. Catherine Vanderloos’ Med Spa, you can say goodbye to age lines and creases with ease and confidence.

This non-invasive procedure helps the body develop more collagen protein to provide fast, noticeable effects. With the expertise of Dr. Vanderloos, the Pelleve laser can offer the results you?ve been searching for without the discomfort or inconvenience you may find in other treatments.

What Is Pelleve?

Collagen is an essential protein in the body that helps our skin look and feel firm while staying flexible. This protein makes up a large part of our connective tissues and gives skin structure and strength. When collagen production in our body slows down, our skin starts to lose some of that bounce and elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles may begin to form.

Collagen production often slows as a result of aging, but many creases can form around the mouth and eyes prematurely from years of common facial expressions like laughing or squinting. Sun damage can also generate early wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. As the body produces less collagen, these lines often become more pronounced while additional creases may begin to develop elsewhere.

There are various treatments and products on the market today that are designed to stimulate collagen production and help plump up aging skin. However, many require the use of intensive methods with numerous steps or tiny needles that can leave your skin looking blotchy and feeling sore or irritated. Pelleve laser treatments are designed to promote collagen production in a simple and fast-acting way that can immediately get you back into your daily routine with ease. This option helps patients receive the age-reversal effects they?re looking for in little time.

How Does It Work?

The Pelleve laser uses a unique radiofrequency to rejuvenate your skin without making unpleasant incisions or using a cocktail of chemical products. This radiofrequency technology provides a warming sensation deep within the skin to help promote the natural rebuilding of collagen. Some treatments attempt to stimulate this type of collagen production by poking hundreds of small needles through the skin at the site of aging, but that can often result in physical discomfort or leave your skin with inflammation and redness for hours, or even days following the treatment. In contrast, the Pelleve treatment works under the surface of skin without needles or incisions to immediately reduce the appearance of lines without causing patches of redness and irritation.

After a protective gel is applied to the skin, the Pelleve device is moved across the treatment site. This gel helps the device glide easily while also protecting the top layer of skin from the laser. Although most treatments tackle wrinkles on the face, the Pelleve laser can also be used to improve the elasticity and youthfulness of other parts of the body including the thighs, torso, or buttocks by reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Although the Pelleve treatment itself can last as short as half an hour?depending on your unique skin concerns, the effects of the treatment can persist for weeks and even months. Dr. Vanderloos noticed far more significant results after the second round of this treatment, particularly in the smile lines around the mouth and crow’s feet around the eyes. Dr. Vanderloos recommends multiple passes of the Pelleve laser to maximize the results. Many patients find their skin continues to glow after six months of treatment, and others stop by a few times a year to provide an extra youthful boost.

Why Choose Pelleve?

Other invasive treatments can cause irritation and discomfort in multiple types of skin. Men and women with varying pigmentation and sensitivity can all respond differently to these complex forms of treatment. The Pelleve laser works quickly and painlessly on the skin with distinct phototypes to help everyone enjoy the effects of more youthful and radiant skin. Some mild redness may occur during and directly following a laser treatment as a result of the heat; however, this should subside quickly as your skin’s temperature returns to normal.

For individuals with a busy schedule, taking time off for a day at the spa may be impossible. Many treatments require hours in the spa and can even cause a day or two of unsightly redness or blotchiness leaving you eager to stay out of the public eye. Pelleve treatment is ideal for anyone who wants fast and impressive results. This brief laser procedure allows patients to receive an advanced skincare treatment in a short appointment with little to no recovery time necessary. There is no need to take a day or two off work to give your skin a boost of radiance and youthfulness making Pelleve a great option for people who can only visit the spa a few times a year.

How to Maximize Your Treatment

In addition to the Pelleve laser, Dr. Vanderloos added a hydrafacial machine to boost the overall look and feel of reinvigorated skin. Combining these treatments can add extra protection to your skin’s radiance. Dr. Vanderloos’ hydrafacial process cleans out impurities, extracts dirt and debris, hydrates with nourishing ingredients, and infuses the skin with protective peptides and antioxidants for lasting effects.

This treatment provides intense moisturization through a relaxing cleanse and exfoliation. Paired with the Pelleve treatment, the hydrafacial helps add shine and glow to your skin without aggressive scrubs or procedures. Here are just some of the skincare issues that can be improved with a Pelleve and hydrafacial appointment from Dr. Vanderloos:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Dry skin
  • Excessive oil
  • Whiteheads, blackheads, and acne
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Wrinkles and age lines

This facial often takes less than an hour to complete and leaves you ready to tackle the rest of your day without redness or irritation. Plus, this treatment gently massages your face and head to give you time to lie back and unwind.

Start Your Journey to More Youthful Skin Today!

Dr. Catherine Vanderloos has been providing high-quality gynecology and skincare services for decades and continues to improve her practice with the latest technology and techniques. She works with each patient to accommodate their unique needs and develops a treatment plan that?s right for them.

For non-invasive and lasting skin rejuvenation, the Pelleve laser treatments are an unbeatable option. Dr. Vanderloos has created a unique Med Spa center to help you meet a variety of your wellness needs. With a warm and colorful atmosphere, our office is the perfect place to relax and give your skin the treatment and care it deserves.

Additionally, our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to schedule an appointment online or give the office a call to get started today. Contact us for more information about the Pelleve laser, hydrafacials or any of our other treatments and services.