How Much Does the Mona Lisa Touch Cost?

There are so many aspects of aging that cause us grief, it seems like a cruel joke to add decreased sexual pleasure to the list. For many women, this is a reality they suffer from far longer than they should. It can be an uncomfortable subject to address with your doctor, let alone your friends, so painful intercourse and vaginal dryness often go undiagnosed and therefore, untreated.

If you, or someone you love, is going through menopause or experiencing hormonal changes due to surgery or cancer, it is welcome news that non-invasive techniques exist, like the Mona Lisa Touch.

The Truth Behind the Discomfort

If a woman’s estrogen level has decreased, their vaginal lining can become thin and dry, which causes a condition called vaginal atrophy. This dryness can lead to itching, irritation, discharge, and painful sexual intercourse. Any one of these symptoms can disrupt an individual’s life; but the discomfort of talking about them adds an additional layer of complication.

With new developments in women’s health, now is the perfect time to express your distress to your healthcare provider. All you need is a thorough exam to establish what procedure is best for you and a new journey through life can begin.

How Mona Lisa Touch Works

Once your doctor has confirmed you are a right candidate for the non-invasive Mona Lisa Touch procedure, they will then take time to explain the process and how it works. This level of preparedness will ensure you have a firm understanding of how your body will be affected, how it will heal, and what the treatment will require of you.

To start you off with a solid foundation, here are some of the factors you need to know about Mona Lisa Touch:

  • It is a CO2 laser treatment designed for vaginal and vulvar tissue.
  • No anesthesia or anesthetic is required in the vagina but a local anesthetic cream is applied to the outer vagina/inner vulvar
  • It is a hormone-free treatment.
  • The procedure is performed in the office.
  • Collagen is reactivated, blood vessels improve along with lubrication alleviating dryness.
  • Tightening of the vaginal tissues is an additional benefit.
  • Three treatments are recommended for maximum treatment, a rare person will need four; an annual treatment is recommended for maintenance

After the final treatment, many women report relief within days, reaching normal levels of comfort after a month. When you consider how long you have suffered in silence, the investment in a remedy will seem like no time at all.

The Recovery Process

Requiring zero surgery and anesthetics, the Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment involves minimal recovery time, allowing patients to resume sexual activity within days of treatment. Though results can be felt after the first session, it is recommended that all sessions be completed to ensure the longevity of function.

Traditionally, each session is scheduled six weeks apart. After completing all sessions per the recommendation of your physician, the abatement of symptoms can last up to ten to twelve months but have been known to extend beyond this period as well.

Additionally, this affordable procedure does not exact much of a recovery period from the cost. It is not covered by insurance, this laser treatment is reasonably priced and attainable for a wide range of women at just $1,000 per treatment. Dr. Vanderloos even offers a discounted price of $2,750 for all three treatments if paid in full, making Mona Lisa Touch even more affordable. There are discounts for cancer survivors. Gift certificates and discounts are also available at our monthly First Thursday seminars held in the office

No Reason to Wait

If you are struggling with vaginal atrophy, you know how painful the experience can be, both physically and mentally. Though other solutions have presented themselves, they can be messy, hormonally invasive, and unreliable. Laser treatment, on the other hand, is straightforward, simple, and free of unnecessary chemicals.

There is no longer any reason to wait for help, relief, or remedies, as they currently exist and most of us have no idea how many options are available to us. Dr. Vanderloos gives a 25% discount to cancer survivors. We offer 10% discount to military and their partners. Financing is also available.

Though it may seem like a difficult conversation, your doctor already knows that vaginal atrophy exists and that a majority of their patients suffer from it. Contact Dr. Vanderloos and her incredible team of professionals today for information and set up a consultation to begin living the life you want and deserve.