Evoke Treatments for Men

  • Evoke is a skin remodeling treatment that targets the face and neck to better define chins, jawbones, and cheeks.
  • This non-invasive procedure works well on any type of skin.
  • It works well for anyone interested in non-surgical skin tightening.

As people age, their skin loses elasticity, which results in sagging skin and less defined facial features. Both men and women often seek professional help to tighten skin for a more youthful appearance, but each gender has specific needs when it comes to contouring. Men often first notice visible signs of aging around their faces and necks when skin begins to sag and cheeks, and jawlines lose their contours. There are several ways to combat this problem, but one non-surgical technology is growing in popularity among men. Evoke is a non-invasive treatment that performs skin remodeling and reduces sagging to restore chiseled, contoured profiles for men with all skin types.

The Benefits of Evoke

When it comes to skin-tightening cosmetic procedures, people can choose between invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive treatments. Obviously, non-invasive procedures are the preferred method of treatment because they require little to no downtime after being completed. Inmode Evoke is a relatively new skin tightening treatment that is non-surgical and has virtually no recovery period.

Inmode Evoke uses state-of-the-art technology to target sagging facial skin. It is an ideal procedure for tightening the skin around the face and neck, where signs of aging typically appear first. Each treatment is customized to target a patient’s specific problem areas, such as the cheeks, jawline, and chin. Evoke tightens and contours all skin types and works well on all skin tones. These remodeling treatments leave skin glowing and youthful, so you are happy with the appearance of your face as you age.

Although Evoke is not a permanent procedure, it does offer long-lasting results. Most patients see results that last for two to three years. Once results begin to disappear, patients can receive a secondary treatment that will restore the youthful appearance from sagging skin again. There are no risks associated with the treatment, and it is entirely painless, so you are free to resume your normal activities immediately after having the procedure done.

The Evoke Procedure

Like most cosmetic procedures, Evoke is a skin-tightening treatment that is easily customizable. Each patient has different needs and problem areas, so tailoring the treatment to fix common areas of complaint is important. When you choose to try an Inmode Evoke treatment to make your skin appear more youthful, you can expect your practitioner to take the following steps to perform the procedure.

  • Initial Evaluation: After you decide that Inmode Evoke is the best treatment option for you, you should schedule a consultation with your practitioner. This appointment allows your plastic surgeon to see problem areas and develop a customized Evoke treatment plan. Make sure you discuss any concerns you may have with your practitioner, so he or she understands what your treatment goals are. Your cosmetic surgeon will ensure you have all of the information about what the treatment will involve, so you know what to expect.
  • Procedure: The doctor will fit a device that uses radiofrequency technology around your cheeks, chin, and jawline, depending upon which problem areas you have. The treatment screen allows you to see how the procedure works, and you are free to pass the time wearing the device in any way, whether you talk with your practitioner, catch up on your favorite TV show or, read a book. Immediately after completing the treatment, you should expect to see results. You may notice that the treatment area is red, but this is normal, and the problem should resolve on its own within 24 hours.
  • Final evaluation: Once the procedure is complete, your doctor will examine the results to make sure they meet your expectations. Your results should last for up to three years before you need repeat treatments, but if the initial procedure failed to target any areas of concern, your practitioner can recalibrate the device and repeat the procedure until you are satisfied with the results.

The Technology of Evoke

Evoke works by using RF energy beams to target facial tissues and tighten them, so skin appears tighter and more youthful. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that stimulates blood circulation while tightening facial tissues around the neck. This technology fits around patients’ heads in a hands-free design that allows practitioners to step back and watch so they can ensure problem areas are targeted.

Once the device is secured around your head, it will emit radiofrequency waves to change the appearance of your skin and make it appear tighter and more youthful. The device has built-in audible indicators, so practitioners know when thermal energy has reached the optimal temperature for better control over how the treatment works. Your physician will monitor the thermal heat at every application point to ensure the right areas are being targeted.

While the radio frequency technology is sculpting the jawline and tightening sagging skin, you will have a patient call button that allows you to contact your cosmetic surgeon at any time during the treatment. Thanks to color-blind technology, you can relax while undergoing the treatment and know that your skin tone will not affect the results.

The Recovery Process for Evoke

Inmode Evoke is one of the best non-invasive cosmetic treatments available because it has no recovery period. Results are seen instantly after the procedure, and you are free to resume your regular routine immediately after it is over. There is no pain associated with Inmode Evoke, although patients may see some redness in the treatment area for the first 24 hours. This redness will go away on its own without further treatment.

The Candidates for Evoke

Anyone who wants to tighten the skin around their face may want to consider Inmode Evoke. Although this procedure is not the best choice for people who want extensive cosmetic work, it is ideal for people who simply want to remodel facial tissue to appear more youthful. The skin-tightening treatment works on both men and women, but because it targets areas where men typically notice signs of aging first, it is ideal for providing results for male patients who want a more sculpted jawline. There are no risks associated with the procedure, and it works on all skin tones and types, so most people can consider themselves a candidate for this treatment.

Evoke treatment is a non-invasive technology that tightens skin to make it look more youthful. While it is a viable option for both genders, it is an excellent cosmetic treatment for men because it targets skin around the neck and jawline, which are common areas of complaint. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of sagging skin under your chin or want a more contoured appearance and you live in or around Shreveport, Louisiana, look to Dr. Catherine Vanderloos to find an Evoke treatment center near you. We can restore a defined jawline and lift sagging skin to make your skin look younger. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation and see if Evoke is right for you.

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