Brow Tattooing and Hair Waxing

Eyebrows are important to how the rest of your face looks because they are one of your most noticeable features, and they frame the rest of your face. Whether you need to shape them via waxing or increase their appearance via tattooing, we can help you get your desired look.

Brow tattooing enables you to show off your personality and style, while waxing keeps you feeling sleek and fresh.


Having Brows Tattooed

Brow tattoos have been around for decades, but technological advancements have made them an increasingly popular way to get your dream eyebrows. For some people, eyebrows never quite grow back after being plucked.

Microblading is a treatment that can give you a very natural-looking brow enhancement that blends in with the rest of your eyebrows. Unlike makeup such as brow gel or pencil, this treatment lasts a long time and looks very realistic.


How Are Brow Tattoos Done?

Microblading is a sophisticated form of brow tattoo that involves using a hand tool to insert pigment below the skin in a pattern that mimics natural brow growth. They start about 30 to 40 percent darker than their final result, but they fade soon to match the rest of your hair closely. The sensation of microblading is described as a mild scratching, but topical numbing creams keep the pain level low.

With this cosmetic tattooing, you can achieve a perfect brow that lasts for up to three years. Some patients come in more frequently for touch-ups, depending on their skin types and the amount of wear their tattoos take.

Over time, the color will start to fade. When the color becomes too faded for your taste, you can schedule a touch-up to keep things consistent.


Caring for Fresh Brow Tattoos

It?s vital to follow aftercare instructions carefully so you can get the full benefits of your brow tattooing session. Don?t let any moisture touch your brow area during healing, which will take about two weeks. That means you need to keep sweating to a minimum, refrain from washing them with water, and avoid swimming. You can cover them during showers or baths.

Getting your brows wet before they are fully healed may result in the pigment washing away, so these aftercare instructions are essential. During healing, you should also avoid makeup, sun exposure, exposure to dust and open-air transport such as convertibles and bicycles. Any of these can cause issues with healing, so treat your new eyebrows gently. Use petroleum jelly to soothe the area if your eyebrows feel itchy or irritated.


Everything You Need to Know About Hair Waxing

Waxing is an excellent way to remove unwanted hair. It has several benefits over shaving. One of the best things about it is that it lasts longer than shaving since it pulls hair from its roots. It also leaves skin smooth and does not irritate sensitive skin the way shaving does.

You can avoid ingrown hairs and bumpy skin when you opt for waxing instead of shaving. Many women may have experimented with waxing on their own, but having it done at the medspa is an entirely different experience. Our professional aestheticians can do your waxing efficiently and effectively.


Get All Your Beauty Treatments In One Location

At the Dr. Vanderloos medspa, you can get a variety of rejuvenating, long-lasting medical beauty treatments. The clinic has a relaxing, comfortable environment so you can enjoy your time with us. Other treatments available include:

  • Laser cellulite and wrinkle treatment
  • Skin restoration
  • Laser therapy for veins and acne
  • Vaginal restoration

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