Bladder Leakage & You

Understanding Urge Incontinence

A Note from Dr. Vanderloos
When I hear the TV announce that bladder leakage is just part of aging, I go crazy. THERE IS SO MUCH THAT CAN BE DONE! Bladder leakage causes women to cringe and not want to leave the house (many will not) and start to limit day-to-day activities. With the advancements in medspa services and physical therapy, your life and livelihood does not need to be like that. If you’re suffering from incontinence, you do not have to wear Depends,  incontinence underwear, or heaven forbid, the vaginal plug that we all see on TV. InTone and other treatments are available to solve the problem and get you back on your feet.

What is Incontinence?

Rebuilding vaginal wall and bladder support have been done forever, but it only corrects stress incontinence and does little for the urgency issues and urge incontinence.

What is stress incontinence?  Stress incontinence is associated with bladder losing control (involuntarily) when laughing, sneezing, and jumping.

What is urge incontinence? Urge incontinence is when an individual loses bladder control when feeling the urge to urinate (i.e, you’re approaching the bathroom but there’s no holding it.

Babies, gravity, and tissues themselves are typically the source of urge incontinence. Delivering babies vaginally, especially big ones or face-up ones, can cause damage, but we now know, just pregnancy effects on the tissues cause weakness.

What are my Treatment Options?

We all talk about Keigel exercise – but it is very hard to do them well and as frequent as needed. I have been prescribing the InTone device for 5-years that not only helps patients to do very directed Kegel exercise, but also can reduce significantly the urge incontinence. The device is paid for by some insurances and a significant amount is paid by Medicare. Device settings make the muscles workout more and more, and just as importantly, re-establish the biofeedback loop from the brain to bladder. The treatment was originally designed by a son for his elderly mother, who didn’t experience urinary incontinence issues for many years. Most of the work is done by the patient in her home- avoiding unnecessary travel and co-pays. We work closely together to turn up the device settings and continually workout throughout the week (10 – 12 minute sessions are ideal).  I see the patient monthly and then even less frequently as she improves. It does require that dryness from menopause be treated in some fashion, but as the InTone therapy progresses, blood flow increases and there is less dryness in general.

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Once the patient has achieved her goals, maintenance can be weekly or less. Regarding the vaginal dryness, there are several options medically (osphena, intrarosa, invexxy, and general estrogen) and newer devices using laser (MonaLisa touch laser) and radiofrequency (Votiva) These are also good to combine with the Intone. One of my star patients that had used the Intone, faithfully and with great effect, started having issues with it but because she was having more dryness than in the past. Medications were not an answer for her, so we performed the Mona Lisa Touch laser-three treatments, each 6 weeks apart- and she was back on her way. By avoiding the leakage, she can exercise regularly, which has helped her lose weight and now her back and knee pain also have resolved. It was a win-win!

Beautiful You – Full Body Treatment

At my office, we listen to our patients’ needs while looking at their whole body and face. We know each person has different needs, and want to make sure they’re taking advantage of treatments that will make them feel more confident. We use neuromodulators, our brand called Botox, alters how the muscles in the region pull/push to lessen wrinkles and improve the skin tone and texture. Fillers, we use Juvederm products, are another group of products that can fill a line, BUT more importantly, they work by lifting and balancing the area. Combining our lasers with botox and fillers really can improve skin tone and texture. Patients report they feel and look more like themselves afterward, which is always our goal. Learn more by contacting our medspa team in Shreveport.

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