5 Things You Need to Know About Vyleesi

You may read and hear about so many different medical innovations out there that it is sometimes hard to keep up. One of the things you may be wondering is, what is Vyleesi?

If you have been seeking to solve the problem of a decreased female libido, then you should absolutely learn more about this revolutionary procedure offered by Dr. Catherine Vanderloos. Here are five things you need to know about Vyleesi.

1. Vyleesi Can Work for Many Women

After years of research, the revolutionary new treatment called Vyleesi was developed to help women who have a generalized acquired medical condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

This means that you previously experienced sexual desire in your life, but currently have a low libido that is not a result of relationship problems, a medical condition, a psychiatric condition, or medication side effects.

Vyleesi has been shown to be very effective for women:

  • Who have not yet gone through menopause
  • Who previously had sexual desire
  • Who currently have a low libido in the absence of other factors
  • Who wish to restore their sex life

2. Vyleesi Is Easy To Use

The first step is to have an appointment with your doctor to discuss your current situation. After receiving approval for the treatment, you can obtain a pre-filled syringe with the appropriate dosage. Then, approximately 45 minutes before beginning sexual activity, you inject yourself as per the doctor?s instructions.

While this may sound scary to those who have never given themselves a shot before, Dr. Vanderloos is experienced in teaching her patients how to ease their fears and perform this procedure. Once you see how simple it is to inject the medication in the abdomen or thigh under your skin, any anxieties about doing so dissipate.

3. Vyleesi Can Help Restore Your Confidence

When you have a low sexual desire in comparison to your regular emotions, it can create all sorts of problems. First, it can initiate anxiety and depression. Worrying about your low libido can occupy your thoughts and cause you to lose focus on other aspects of your life.

And, it also has the potential to have a negative effect on your relationship. When one partner has their usual sex drive while another is experiencing a lower sex drive than usual, it often creates an imbalance in the relationship. This can carry over into different aspects of life. Vyleesi can help you restore that equilibrium. By regaining control of your sex life, your confidence returns, too.

4. Vyleesi Is Taken As-Needed

Vyleesi differs from other medications since it does not need to be taken daily. Instead, it is used on an as-needed basis, just prior to engaging in sexual activity. This means that depending upon your lifestyle, you may want it on a fairly regular basis, or you may go for an extended period of time without using it.

When combined with other non-pharmacological treatments such as reading erotica, wearing lingerie, or doing other things that make them feel sexy, women are relieved that Vyleesi helps them on the road to feeling like their old selves again.

5. Vyleesi Was Created for Women

A complaint of many women is that much attention has been focused on treating men’s libido problems while little focus is given to the fact that women often experience a similar condition. Pharmacological treatments to treat this medical disorder have been available for men for a very long time, while women have suffered in silence.

Therefore, Vyleesi is a welcome addition to the market since it seeks to level the playing field. Rather than replicating drugs such as Viagra – which treat performance – in the female form, this treatment aims to address sexual desire issues.

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