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For women seeking a variety of highly effective medspa and GYN services, including non-invasive laser treatments and vaginal restoration, Dr. Catherine Vanderloos is proud to be considered a top medical provider in Shreveport, LA. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Vanderloos has dedicated herself to staying ahead of the latest medical advancements and technology and is committed to providing the best in medspa and GYN services to her patients.

Whether you’re a brand-new patient looking for a professional, caring provider in the Shreveport area, or if you’re one of our lifelong patients that is interested in our innovative treatment options, you can be confident that you’ll receive compassionate service with Dr. Catherine Vanderloos.

DocTalk Podcast

DocTalk Podcast

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One of the distinct characteristics that sets Dr. Vanderloos apart is herdedication to providing individualized services for every patient that enters her practice. Listening to her patients’ concerns, treating them with compassion, and collaborating with each patient to create a medspa treatment plans according to their needs – that is Dr. Vanderloos’ mission.

Patients who visit Dr. Vanderloos consistently recommend our office to friends and family, and we are honored to receive countless positive reviews from patients both new and established. Words like “kind,” “considerate,” and “empowering” are often used by patients to describe Dr. Vanderloos and their experience at our office. Every single staff member on our team is committed to making you feel comfortable, valued, and cared for, from your first interaction with us onwards.

We offer services that are on the cutting edge of the latest medical advancements: safe, effective, and non-invasive.


Dr. Vanderloos offers a range of advanced, cutting-edge, and non-invasive medspa services, providing women with the support they need to pursue optimum health and wellness. Using a variety of surgical procedure alternatives, Dr. Vanderloos creates individualized treatment plans for every patient. Here is a bit more information about the medspa services our practice provides, including non-invasive laser treatments and esthetics services. 

MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Restoration

The MonaLisa Touch laser is designed to effectively reverse the detrimental effects of menopause on the vaginal tissue, specifically resolving the loss of elasticity that can lead to painful and uncomfortable sexual intercourse. With the MonaLisa Touch laser, these symptoms can be targeted quickly and effectively with little to no side effects or recovery time.

SculpSure Fat Removal Laser

Even if you practice excellent eating and exercise habits, you may find that you still struggle with stubborn fat in your stomach, hips, thighs, and back. Instead of choosing highly invasive and painful surgical treatment, you can now receive SculpSure Laser treatments to target these fat cells. The SculpSure laser is the first fat removal laser treatment to obtain FDA approval.

Pelleve Cellulite and Wrinkle Laser

For patients that are experiencing wrinkles and fine lines due to decreased collagen production, the Pellevé Laser is an ideal option. Non-surgical and non-invasive, the laser utilizes radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production, providing noticeable results in under an hour. It can also be used in combination with the SculpSure Laser to decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Intone Urinary Incontinence Treatment

With Dr. Vanderloos’ InTone treatment program, you can finally resolve embarrassing and interruptive urinary incontinence issues. Using a multi-faceted approach that includes muscle stimulation and visual biofeedback, the InTone program can provide incredible results, eliminating your bladder control problem and providing the ability to enjoy daily activities again.

Hydrafacial Skin Restoration

Among the latest advancements in medspa treatments, hydrafacials and photofacials are a highly popular and effective option for patients looking to restore the youthful, balanced appearance of their skin. You can resolve common skin issues including dullness, dryness, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, visible veins, and acne, with absolutely zero recovery time or surgery.

Votiva Vaginal Restoration

Vaginal restoration through Votiva is the solution many patients have been searching for to solve their issues with urinary incontinence, hypersensitivity, sexual discomfort, dryness, and sagging skin. Using radiofrequency technology, Votiva strengthens and tightens the vaginal muscles to restore nature muscle tone and appearance.

Biote Pellet Therapy

As women age, they experience a variety of changes. One major one is a decrease in hormones. Estrogen and prolactin are the ones with the most significant decreases, but other hormones that decrease include growth hormone, aldosterone, calcitonin, and renin. The effects of lower levels of hormones vary widely, and it can be uncomfortable and discouraging.

Mara Endometrial Ablation

Endometrial ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. The procedure involves the destruction of the lining of the uterus, known as the endometrium. Endometrial ablation has been found to be an effective treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding in many women.

GYN Services

In addition to our wide range of medspa services and treatments, our practice is also a fully-operating GYN office. Dr. Vanderloos is a certified, highly-trained OB/GYN with extensive medical knowledge and expertise that sets her apart from others in Shreveport.  This allows our practice not only to provide you with safe and effective medspa treatments, but also to utilize medical knowledge to support you in your health and wellness journey.


We invite you to contact us today to schedule your appointment at our conveniently located and easy to find Shreveport office. Our friendly team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, insurance companies we work with, or any other concerns you may have. Make your appointment with Dr. Vanderloos and experience the difference a caring, compassionate, and experienced doctor can make in your health, happiness, and wellbeing.